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 My Brute TOURNEY Proposal

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PostSubject: My Brute TOURNEY Proposal   Sun 03 May 2009, 23:57

1. Brutes must qualify for the 64 brute bracket through league play. (see league play rules)
League play:

2. Tourney rounds 1 and 2 should be best of 3 (3 Seeds selected)
3. Tourney rounds 3 and 4 should be best of 5 (5 Seeds selected)
4. Bracket finals should be best of 5 (5 Seeds selected)
5. Tourney finals should be best of 7 (7 Seeds selected)
6. There will be forum threads labeled: Level # Tourney (League A Name) Round # and Level # (League B Name) Round #
7. The winner of bracket A will fight the winner of bracket B in the finals.
8. Prior to tourney beginning 10 seeds are selected as a pool for the round seeds to be assigned from.
The 10 seeds will be generated using random.org and the value range of 10000 to 999999.

Alternate seeding:
Round 1 and 2 seeds should be 2 digits.
Round 3 and 4 seeds should be 3 digits.
Semi-Finals seeds should be 4 digits.
Finals seeds should be 5 digits.

Personal Preferrence: 7 seeds are created and the same seeds are used with new ones appended to keep the bracket
on an even keel.

Tourney Bracket Layout:

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PostSubject: Re: My Brute TOURNEY Proposal   Mon 04 May 2009, 04:26

EDITED: Reserved
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PostSubject: Re: My Brute TOURNEY Proposal   Mon 04 May 2009, 14:53

Real tournaments won't change the digit of seed numbers when we go higher. I prefer more realistic tournaments which simulate as close as possible. The server generates seed number randomly with 5-6 digits. We should pick seed number with 5-6 digits too. The simulator isn't 100% accurate. We want to keep it as close as possible.

Here's an example. If you look at the stats, daior is clearly stronger.
But it lose all fights in low seed numbers!

Seed 25:



Tried six times, win six times.

Seed 134566:






I'm not sure if it's solely coincidence. But it appears the chance of winning is lower in utterly low seed numbers, higher in high seed numbers. Anyway don't take me for that. The sampling size is too small. But this result is kinda funny anyway.

After all, since high seed numbers, that is seed numbers in 5-6 digits, are what server generates.
We should use seed numbers of 5-6 digits
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PostSubject: Re: My Brute TOURNEY Proposal   Tue 05 May 2009, 02:16

seeding is a problem too. how about 5 fights per match i.e 2 low number, 1 average and 2 high seeding numbers.
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PostSubject: Re: My Brute TOURNEY Proposal   

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My Brute TOURNEY Proposal
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