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 TIps on high-rank training

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PostSubject: Re: TIps on high-rank training   Thu 24 Feb 2011, 17:07

Haven't updated this in a while. While I haven't stopped throwing fights, especially at Chuck and Kitty, I haven't used the reset trick in a long while. The reason is that there's so many brutes in my first set who stand a chance at beating me -- only MissCAT, Brut4l, and White Pekor are guaranteed wins. So it's usually better math to try to beat a higher brute like Adrien at a good % than it is to reset and re-fight Nex, Perfect, Mohican etc. If I can break down into the lower ranks, I get juicy treats like Djanfi and Cherok and Wings.

The other thing is even more recent, I've stopped using jetons because I'm just not motivated to spend any more money on muxxu. That means a lot slower leveling, but also a lot less strategy in getting through the arena. I just try to beat them all, and if I can fight Kitty as #10, great. This will have the long-term effect of having weaker brutes catch up to me, though, which will increase my win % if not my total wins.
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PostSubject: Re: TIps on high-rank training   Thu 24 Feb 2011, 17:39

thx Teethy, some steps i do like you (about first 7 wins and 3 fights against strong brutes)
pity that i have no spy Sad
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TIps on high-rank training
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