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 newbie question

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PostSubject: newbie question   Mon 01 Nov 2010, 15:08

Today doing my dailies, I've noticed that Pisso06 started every fight with deluge


(losing two matches Sad )

btw, since deluge is a not so used skill, I guess there 's the same seed on all daily fights

I've never noticed it before, or it's a casuality?

Sorry for the noob question
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The Dice Man
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PostSubject: Re: newbie question   Mon 01 Nov 2010, 20:22

Maybe.... I have noticed recently that for several days in a row you can fight opponents A, B and C and win easily (at higher levels you don't have much choice, but you can pick the same opponents). Then one day it goes 3 losses and I have wondered if it might be the "bad seed" problem we see in T's.

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newbie question
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