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 English Server?

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PostSubject: English Server?   Fri 12 Nov 2010, 05:54

do you think MT will deicde to release an english server of La Brute Muxxu as My Brute Muxxu? and if not do you think they will make anymore improvements to the original French Version?
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PostSubject: Re: English Server?   Fri 12 Nov 2010, 07:48

If there ends up being an English version, I hope the database is shared like in KadoKado. I'm really not arsed to do this all over again.
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PostSubject: Re: English Server?   Fri 12 Nov 2010, 09:39

Who knows?

I would prefer they stick to just the French version and keep it running smoothly.

I don't care what language it is in. I don't speak much French, but I understand enough to know what is going on, and it is easy to find out what I don't know.
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PostSubject: Re: English Server?   Fri 12 Nov 2010, 10:55

sadly no they dont have it on the DO-List because then they will have to offer the other 8 games like snake, kingdom ... also in english and this is too much to handle considering the fact that you could pay for coins to play.....

improvment, what is to improve , they made muxxu way more interesting than Mybrute. so i wont like the idea if they change somthing in the near future.

and i also wont have the stomache to start over either.
another Point they might have a problem with users who are banned or will be getting banned in muuxu.com if there is a new english version....

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PostSubject: Re: English Server?   Fri 12 Nov 2010, 12:35

I don't think there will be an english version, at least in the short term.
As Rico said, it would be too much hassle and it will bring equality problems with other muxxu games.

French is fortunately no problem for me. Very Happy
I just want it to run without problems.
The other day, during the biceps tourney, Vakol won against Wings but Wings still displayed as the winner of the match. I really don't want to see this, especially in final...
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PostSubject: Re: English Server?   

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English Server?
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