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 Wazza' Muxxu?

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PostSubject: Wazza' Muxxu?   Mon 14 Mar 2011, 16:29

Whats a Muxxu and whats so special about it guys for MyBrute? Still trying to understand the concept but too bad the entire site is in french. =/
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PostSubject: Re: Wazza' Muxxu?   Mon 14 Mar 2011, 17:00

Muxxu was MT's atempt to create a 'mybrute without cheats'
Basically it's the same thing as mybrute but you get to choose from 2 bonus each time you level up and it's restricted to a max 10 fights or 3 defeats per day (whichever comes first) Wink
You also have new skills and the tournaments are fought between brutes with the same rank (padawans only fight other padawans and so on...)
Plus after 64 or 32 (can't really recall since i gave up a long time ago) players are inscribed the tournament starts and the winner (and only the winner) will rank up Wink

think i've covered most of it scratch
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PostSubject: Re: Wazza' Muxxu?   Mon 14 Mar 2011, 17:24

You can't do pupils only fights.
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PostSubject: Re: Wazza' Muxxu?   Mon 14 Mar 2011, 18:19

Muxxu is a French gaming portal that runs many, many games by Motion Twin. This one is essentially a port of My Brute to the Muxxu platform. It has an expanded set of skills, rebalanced stats, an enhanced tournament structure, a meaningful ranking structure, and a mechanism whereby you can choose your skills, weapons, stats, and pets to some degree. This last bit makes it impossible to "preview" a brute, thus far no one has developed an exploit to preview even a single level.

Buying and selling of accounts is outlawed and it is enforced. It also has no pupils, replacing them with "jetons" which are tokens you have to purchase from Muxxu in order to gain extra fights. This effectively eliminates cheating (there are a few minor exploits) and monetizes the game. While it's not necessary to pay to play, there are various encouragements that lead just about every serious player to pay at least a little bit.
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PostSubject: Re: Wazza' Muxxu?   

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Wazza' Muxxu?
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