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 LOL I am trying here

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PostSubject: LOL I am trying here   Sun 10 May 2009, 11:45

Ok, go look at my pupils, hopefully they are still there. I Have this glitch problem where my suits are random. One guy has it up top, the other down below. Anyways, I am getting near mastering which is which in getting those "Black" parts of the body. I am going to take a nap, I dabbled enough on this. But all those guys with any hint of black I just made. I am trying to write up a detailed page on exactly what is what. Then I am going to find out what colors are what, so you can have green guys or red guys if you wanted.

Oops, the link. http://demon-of-lore.mybrute.com

I would have been more successful a lot faster, but stupid people want to take up my names and all forms of it, which makes it longer on discovering the perfect solution. I hate that crap, they can't even do this and they wanna take names. I am trying to be of help so no more useless characters, you can have exactly what you want... Well, except for the abilities and such.
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LOL I am trying here
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