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 The proper endgame to MyBrute 2.0

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PostSubject: The proper endgame to MyBrute 2.0   Sun 15 May 2011, 08:15

is to allow each Brutal Legend to form his own destiny by selecting from the full list of available weapons, skills, and pets at each level-up. Then, all these customized brutes would be entered into a tournament to see which player can build the best brutes. Tournaments would have level caps (20, 30, 50, etc.) and players would be required to optimise their brutes given these constraints.

One way to prevent copying is to make all the fights and profiles invisible to all players (and spy-proof), but based on the topic I created ages ago debating the "ideal" brute's level-up tree, there was much disagreement amongst our members, and I doubt everyone would copy each others' brutes using the exact same template. And of course, each tournament can only have one winner, so even if everyone used the exact same destiny, the RNG would still only permit a single champion.

This would make the game much more strategic and less luck-based, and would be a fitting reward for the tedious trouble of reaching BL in the first place.

Of course, this would be a lot more work for lazy-ass Motion-Twin, which has a tendency to forget about old(er) games and drop all support/development after its popularity peaks (I would know; I actively play four MT games and have joined up to 10+, and none of them have gotten any updates this year) Instead, all they implemented (based on what I've seen) was a lazy infinite rank thing that effectively continues the same old shit forever.

Comments? Suggestions?
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PostSubject: Re: The proper endgame to MyBrute 2.0   Thu 19 May 2011, 05:39

not a bad idea at all, but sadly as you mentioned not realistic for MT to make it true, look how long it took them to arrange the BL tourneies No
but tbh i like that Luck is a fairly big factor in muxxu, it brings more surprizes and action into the game. otherwise any of us could just play Warcraft or such Wink

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The proper endgame to MyBrute 2.0
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