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 My brutal arts dojo

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Aking BrutoV

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PostSubject: My brutal arts dojo   Wed 18 May 2011, 20:54

I am Aking BrutoV.

My brutal art is the best, and I would be doing a great injustice if I do not advertise for my dojo and attract new students. So here is my invitation: if you wish to learn my brutal art (or if you simply seek power) I suggest you find me here, http://aking-brutov.mybrute.com, from there your training begins!

note: If you want me to return the favor simply add "V5" to the beginning of your name when you pupil me. For example: if you want me to send a pupil to "Johnny", the pupil you send to me should be named "V5Johnny". Or if you want you can just leave a link here in this thread.
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My brutal arts dojo
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