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 always wanted a Bear?

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PostSubject: always wanted a Bear?   Sun 22 May 2011, 07:29

always wanted a Bear?

do this and you will get one.

go to http://30kenny.mybrute.com/
and make a pupil
train to 3
or sometimes your have lucky to get at lvl1
most of times your get at 2/3.

this is a brute that will get a bear at lvl 5 just look at a invertory preview site.

i swear it works did myself to and got a seccond account with a bear :)

Goodluck with your bear m8te.
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PostSubject: Re: always wanted a Bear?   Sun 22 May 2011, 08:33

You pupils;


Don't have bears by level 5...

and the rest of your pupils probably don't have bears by level 5 either...
You probably only have 1 or 0 pupils with bears.

If you swear it works, then...

Prove it.

By making 5 pupils with bears without creating thousands of pupils.

Then I might pupil you.

Good luck. Very Happy
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always wanted a Bear?
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