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 To all who have got one of my COM high level freebies

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PostSubject: To all who have got one of my COM high level freebies   Sat 18 Jun 2011, 14:35

To all Forum members who have got one of my "high level" COM freebies
  • http://sioc-raveat.mybrute.com/cellule (9'995 XP pupils)
  • http://sapmmuouads.mybrute.com/cellule (6'067 XP pupils)
  • http://sapwoefvakc.mybrute.com/cellule (5'393 XP pupils)
  • http://sioc-vcjetm.mybrute.com/cellule (1'312 XP pupils)
  • http://sioc.mybrute.com/cellule/ (1'102 XP pupils)
  • http://hfkjh.mybrute.com/cellule (889 XP pupils)
  • http://sapxjtdqwgs.mybrute.com/cellule (714 XP pupils)
  • http://sapqoxlbpai.mybrute.com/cellule (734 XP pupils)
  • http://spckxcwrb.mybrute.com/cellule (379 XP pupils)
  • http://mbfrevenge.mybrute.com/cellule (58 XP pupils)
  • http://jungle-command.mybrute.com/cellule (55 XP pupils)
  • http://spcdfgtri.mybrute.com/cellule (26 XP pupils)
you can now get their pupils in a BC database for training cheers
Moreover you can as well ask for the few pupils I have for the following brutes:
  • http://mba1625.mybrute.com/cellule (327 XP pupils)
  • http://Brarxal.mybrute.com/cellule (209 XP pupils)
  • http://sioc-emquux.mybrute.com/cellule (91 XP pupils)
  • http://ibimcxmy.mybrute.com/cellule (88 XP pupils)

In order to get the pupils, just send me a PM. Please be however a bit patient as this will still take me some time.
NB: I will first have to make sure with you that you are the real owner of their master Hammer

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To all who have got one of my COM high level freebies
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