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 Coincidence? Is the destiny path really random?

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PostSubject: Coincidence? Is the destiny path really random?   Mon 26 Sep 2011, 17:21

I had a poor brute. He lost almost all of his fights.
His destiny didnt look so brigth:
Baton + 3 strenght
Lightning Bolt + 3 agility
Shield + 3 agility
Dog A + 3 endurance
When I saw Baton for the second time I thought: What the hell, I am taking it, maybe he will parr more and stop loosing 3/3 battles.
Baton + 3 strength

And then he decided to stop being a punchbag:

Armor + 3 strength
Toughtened Skin + 3 strength
Vitality + 3 strength
Martial Artist + 3 agility

The day he got Martial Artist he won a tournament.

I am wondering if he would get all tose great skills if I took baton at the first offering. Does that seem strange that first and second baton got offered with strength (both times)!

Maybe it is not completelly random and his first choice and his 5th are opening the same path? It really seems like a hell of an coincidence. Dont you think?
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PostSubject: Re: Coincidence? Is the destiny path really random?   Mon 26 Sep 2011, 21:13

no and never, it can only be true if you actualy want it to be true. so i say it is all random and just so you would believe me take the baton at lvl 2 and you will see unless you are planing to lvl to lvl100+ Wink

some think that at a certain high level 2 or more diffrent paths of the same Destiny will lead to the same Skills , weapons and stats at the end after reaching this certain lvl. but these theories could not yet be proven. because there is no way to determin which lvl is the Goal for this.
imo it is all Random and this is the reason why i keep exploring diffrent paths. otherwise where would be the fun and point it reseting...

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PostSubject: Re: Coincidence? Is the destiny path really random?   Tue 27 Sep 2011, 19:26

That's what I think to be honest. A destiny always leads to the same result via tons of different paths. But as there are so many skills AND you can find a path where you get many many levels only stats offered that always same result may be somewhere at level 5000 or higher.. so refuse untouchable at level 3 may have the result that you get it offered again at level 2500 or even later... We know it from the classic where you get skills at 9999 sometimes

so it feels like a different path gives a different result but I think!!! it will always be the same. It's impossible to be verified Wink

Due to that fact a different path is exactly the same like a different destiny. Each and every destiny and path includes a bear or a wolf... to find that one where you get it early is the trick Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Coincidence? Is the destiny path really random?   

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Coincidence? Is the destiny path really random?
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