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 Cower, puny insects!

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PostSubject: Cower, puny insects!   Sun 17 May 2009, 04:10

Hail me,

Been playing the game for 2 weeks now with 3 chars who I thought were ok,
but today I decided to try and make new ones to challenge a guy who's actually a pupil of mine on another char,
So now I am a pupil of his. However he is no match for me however, I surpassed my master as I was meant to.

Henceforth I've decided that all of you shall pay the proper respex and create all your characters to be my pupils.

Feast your unworthy eyes on this legend in the making.
I bring you Nashtubre.
No messing around with this golden rookie, he got great skills as a mere lvl 3 (at the time I typed this)

Thief which I got at level 1.. I simply couldn't have been happier.
Martial Arts which came @ 2. I was glad it wasn't a weapon.. and it helps during those fights where your brute takes too long equipping a weapon
Lance which is an excellent medium damage weapon with block/evasion, counter and multihitting


Hopefully I wont get too much weapons, I can steal others if needed and if there are no weapons, Chuck Norris FTW :)

So what are you waiting for, worms?

Go to http://nashtubre.mybrute.com

You'll be able to tell your grandchildren that you've been someone, who knew someone, who is someone....

You know you want to.. You know you need to....

You know I'm always there, keeping you company...... lurking behind your soul,
in the very fiber of your being. I am the only thing left when mind and reason are stripped away.
I will show you what you can be, what you can do... if you simply let yourself become what you are.
I can show you all of this, because I am within.
I am what fills the void.
I am you..................

....... and you are mine!

Very Happy

Oh and then there is also Sakurion who received a whip @ level 1 to spank ur puny creations into submission.

Thank you, maggots.
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PostSubject: Re: Cower, puny insects!   Sun 17 May 2009, 05:24

great work, you got to level 3 in two weeks
nice brute, didnt even get past first round of tourney
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Cower, puny insects!
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