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 Time to panic?

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PostSubject: Time to panic?   Sat 04 Aug 2012, 18:14

My hard drive is making really strange noises! Not good. I think my computers days are numbered. At least the hard drive.

Backed up all Brute information and everything else important.

Should I invest in a newer computer or just get a new Hard drive. Current computer is about 5 years old. Runs well accept for the last 2 days.

Sad Sad

Looking back through bills, bought this current computer in 2005!! Any suggestions for a new computer. Any brands to stay away from?
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PostSubject: Re: Time to panic?   Sun 05 Aug 2012, 06:39

I would suggest just to change the hard drive and not going for a new computer as long as this one works fine (my Desktop is from 2005 too :-) ).

As an example, since I got my first computer with a Hard disk back in 1993, *all* my computers' original hard disks failed on a given time and had to be replaced. This makes a total of 4 desktop PCs and 3 laptops with hard disk failure.

That is to say mechanical hard disk failure is quite common and they are easy to replace...

In order to avoid re-installing your OS, I would suggest to use Clonezilla which can make a full copy of your system on a removable disk then copy the whole to the new hard disk. Easiest is to install Clonezilla on a FAT-32 USB stick using Tuxboot, ensure you can boot from a USB stick first (to be enabled in the BIOS) and make sure you have an external drive (easiest would be a USB removable drive) to store the OS images. Takes just a few minutes to copy the OS on the new disk.

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PostSubject: Re: Time to panic?   Mon 06 Aug 2012, 05:46

Haha, my computer is from 2005 aswell lol!
My hard drive has bad sectors and sometimes it makes some noises like a siren Very Happy
and it freezes....
but i just reinstalled windows and it worked, i didn't use any program to isolate the bad sectors just windows defragmenter.
So in my opinion just do what Sioc suggested .... or move all youre important data from partitionC to another partition and reinstall windows when you have problems or if you have really bad problems get another hard drive or anothe computer Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Time to panic?   Sun 19 Aug 2012, 20:33

Jup, Reinstalling Windows is always good ;-)
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PostSubject: Re: Time to panic?   

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Time to panic?
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