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 SuperPoints - Website where you can earn real cash! (Amazon, Paypal, etc.)

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PostSubject: SuperPoints - Website where you can earn real cash! (Amazon, Paypal, etc.)   Thu 20 Sep 2012, 17:49

= Please note that this is not spam, this website is 100% legit. This won't scam you in anyway shape or form. Plus, it's easier than most websites where you have to do surveys and offers. This website don't require you to do any surveys whatsoever, just a simple trick will get you loads of money. :) =

Superpoints.com is basically a fill-out-survey site to get free stuff, but you don't have to do any of that. Just simply create an account then create other fake accounts with your original account's referral link. Make sure to use different IP's since it only allows you to make 2 accounts per household. The best way of doing this is by using a VPN.

*Make sure you make the Account Information sound believable, don't enter your real information though. I don't think they check the info of users anyways. Also, don't forget to reach 75% profile completeness to be able to get more points, just a tip. Very Happy

The way this works is you get points from just pressing the "superluckybutton", those points can be accumulated and can be spent on amazon/paypal gift cards. Here's some solid proof for those who think this is a waste of time:

Found this on /b/ by the way, so sorry about the profanity. Use my link to get an invite to the site since it's not open for public yet. If you sign up with that link we share some points together and ultimately gather a pool of gift cards and buy a lot of stuff with it. Definitely worth a try.

More info + ref:


Referral link: superpoints.com/refer/tycrane


What I do to save time:

- Download Rsclient autoclicker.
- Set autoclicker for 2 seconds interval.
- Start it, then leave your mouse cursor on the Superlucky Button.
- Check occassionally to see if you've won some points, you will have to close the pop-up to continue. (if you have an extra pc or a netbook/laptop then it's much more convenient)

It took me only 1 week of clicking the button, only made 5 accounts but I reckon if you make more then you will get faster results than me.

= Just sharing this website out for people who have a lot of spare time and want to get cash for doing absolutely nothing! =

Post what you think of it. :)
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SuperPoints - Website where you can earn real cash! (Amazon, Paypal, etc.)
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