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 Have been unlucky! HELP APPRECIATED!

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PostSubject: Have been unlucky! HELP APPRECIATED!   Tue 14 May 2013, 04:46

I am new to this forum and I'm really enjoying my stay and loving the boundless community. I will devote my time and efforts to helping you guys.

I began playing MyBrute sometime ago, I kept creating accounts for WEEKS until I got an account I wanted. However, leveling was going on very slow even though I played everyday and I couldn't get past level 9. I stopped playing for sometime and when I came back, my chars were all gone. Sad However, I figured out that I had a passion for MyBrute and that I wanted to continue my MyBrute career. I came to this forums and loved everyone and here and the community is awesome. Sadly, when I read about PupilCommander and other bots to help me level up, it was very complicated and I had a static IP and it does not change whatsoever(I hate my ISP). Anyways, I've been having so much bad luck, I can't use any cheats, have to keep creating accounts to find a good account and I cannot level up fast enough, but I'd really like to reach a high level.

I would be very grateful and I would appreciate everyone who helps me. I do not have much money but I am willing to pay all I have. Help is GREATLY appreciated.

Mybrute is: equinoxxic.mybrute.com

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Have been unlucky! HELP APPRECIATED!
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