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 ∫uegσ ∂e Łα Muerte [FR]

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PostSubject: ∫uegσ ∂e Łα Muerte [FR]   Fri 24 Jun 2016, 08:13

✖ // http://labrute.fr/team/384400 //✖


'' last survivors of labrute… ''

We here left in a race to survives of the game

Launch in the last '' of the last '', prove your combativeness and to defy the MT, to show that the blood of this game always runs in your heart, your veins, in your heart, prove your bravery and to declad your swords, wait to launch out you in a race without end, on the way for ∫uegσ ∂e Łα Muerte.

This clan with for goal to bring together the last active players who still remain on the site, like sharing our experiments while making live this clan, and while hoping to attract new players close with this joining at our community.

'' Ensemble… ''

United we stand, divided we fall, it is thus for that we all must give his to it, without that, this solidarity, we will not be able to arrive there.


'' The Hope, it is an orientation of the spirit and heart… It is not the conviction that a thing will have a favorable exit, but the certainty which this thing has a direction, no matter what it occurs. ''

Criteria of recruitments:
Level: 20 +
Activity: Credit! Respected the calendar set up by the clan! Spoken with the forum


☠ Yours sincerely ☠
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∫uegσ ∂e Łα Muerte [FR]
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