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 pupil me pl0x :]

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PostSubject: pupil me pl0x :]   Thu 04 Jun 2009, 08:10

so i got this acc by some1 who pupiled me... he didnt putted a password on it and never played so il take his acc ^.^ but only problem i cant setpas :[ i gues this will be fixed someday but anyways...

can you please pupil him? il pupil you back if you want.. and for extra xp for leveling up il level up those pupils aswell! just only post here that you gave a pupil and what level you trained him. http://homiegqueer.mybrute.com

P.S. i guess i wont fail giving pupil to somebody who allready gave me a 1... couse i dont have changable ip and other sht...
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PostSubject: Re: pupil me pl0x :]   Thu 04 Jun 2009, 23:36

i pupiled u with popcorn901!

pupil me bak plz at

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pupil me pl0x :]
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