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 Master Code for iPhone App

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PostSubject: Master Code for iPhone App   Sun 05 Jul 2009, 12:02

Wu Tang Dojo: Snake (Cobra Quickness) and Bear (Bear Cub Strength) Dojo

Master Code: GEGFIHFE

We're high level. Numerous members got multiple pets by level 4. At level 3, the special panda bear, adult bear, black panther, and snow leopard was acquired by our master and few members. Join our Dojo:

-Double exp
-New Arena
-The Dojo's two skill sets: Cobra Quickness: "You're so fast that you're already striking blows when you're barely in the arena. you will certainly make your opponents dentist happy!" & Bear Cub Strengh "You are just so cute that people almost want to give you a big cuddle except when you jump on your opponent roaring!"

Increased Chances to get:
-Special Panda Bear, Adult bear, snow leopard, black panther and normal pets
-Super Skills: Bomb, Net, Scream that scares pets away, Deluge, Impact (hits cause opponent's weapons to drop), Shield, and many more.
-Weapons: the Annoying Ninja Stars that seem to hit forever, the overpowered Hammer, and the overpowered whip that is good against pets

So if your a bear or cat dojo combining with our dojo will improve your speed for multiple striking and maybe the increased chance of gaining special pets and skills.

Lastly, just join if you're a Wu Tang fan or for the love of true hip hop. Dojo Motto "Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to F*** with" Haha.

If you need a good Feline Dojo to combine with for better dodging.
Use this master code: ECGBJHFE
It's my friend's code and he is actually doing really well. 40-2 with one of his characters.

Maybe it's luck, but it doesn't hurt to try. Try us out, if you aren't satisfied with the results then redo your first character (by disbanding your dojo) and try again or pick a different dojo. I am sure you won't regret it.
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Master Code for iPhone App
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