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 2 Brutes needs Pupils / EXP (Newb help needed / offered)

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PostSubject: 2 Brutes needs Pupils / EXP (Newb help needed / offered)   Wed 05 Aug 2009, 07:57

Hello there. I managed to reach lv 10 and lv 11 with my 2 brutes. It's takin so slow, so when i looked up that there are people with lv 100+ i was surprised how it is possible to get that at all.. So here i am, asking for your help with EXP. umm.. :"help..?" :)
Other thing is, let me know how can i be your pupil, so i can give you exp as i level, and i would like to get some exp from your brutes also if that is possible. Explain if there is something to explain please.

My 2 Brutes are:
1. http://gatavs.mybrute.com (My main kinda, becasue i like nick name, but he is weak)
2. http://gatavaa.mybrute.com (Love the girl and her dog friend)

So thank you everyone who will help / respond to this.

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2 Brutes needs Pupils / EXP (Newb help needed / offered)
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