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 If you've PMed me over the last few days...

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PostSubject: If you've PMed me over the last few days...   Mon 21 Sep 2009, 23:59

Luminous wrote:
Over the last few days, I keep getting PM notifications through email but most of the time I check, I don't see any new messages. Is anyone else experiencing this or has any of you tried to PM me and not get a reply? My PM box has been full for a long time now but I was always able to get new messages even though it says it's full. I wonder if I've actually reached a limit. scratch

Jill Sandwich wrote:
Lol, I was wondering why you never replied to my PM.
I actually sent you one a while back...

And no, I'm not experiencing any problems. I usually delete my PMs.

Apparently I haven't been getting all my PMs lately. If you've sent me a PM in the last few days and didn't get a reply from me, please send it again. Sorry about that. I've cleaned out my PM box now.

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If you've PMed me over the last few days...
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