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PostSubject: SLOT TRADE PARTNER LABRUTE   Wed 30 Sep 2009, 14:31

I need a partner who plays in Labrute.. my IP is not good in Mybrute anymore...
so i need someone who plays in Labrute so we could exchange our 2nd slot... i have a wide IP pool in LaBrute and i have an updated opponents in labrute..so it wouldn't be too hard...
so if anyone is interested just PM me ASAP
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PostSubject: Re: SLOT TRADE PARTNER LABRUTE   Thu 01 Oct 2009, 14:27

i want to be your pair

but i`m from elbruto.es and i have ip from mybrute and labrute.fr

do you want ???

sorry my english is very bad i`m from mexico and i don`t speak english
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