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 Discovering a long forgotten Brute.

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PostSubject: Discovering a long forgotten Brute.   Thu 22 Oct 2009, 06:59

While looking at Stsin's cell page, I noticed:

Not one of my active brutes, but a long forgotten brute that I don't use since I didn't set a password.
(it was probably my first batch I made after Stsin, not knowing that if don't set password right away, will lose the ability later.)

Looks like others have been training her. I can see why, since she's not a bad brute at that level and has a wolf. Even gained a rank. She even has a good amount of pupils not from me. Thanks.

And you know what's embarrassing about this? She has more victories than any of my brutes. Someone must be using her daily. I slack too much with my own brutes with the arenas.
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PostSubject: Re: Discovering a long forgotten Brute.   Thu 22 Oct 2009, 09:49

Strangely enough, I found the same thing on one of mine today.

Doing his daily fights, noticed a point from a pupil going to level 11. It was a manually crated pupil from loooooong ago with no password. So much the same thing by the look of it, someone has been playing him.

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Discovering a long forgotten Brute.
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