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 WAX ON - WAX OFF: Mr. Miyagi Dojo

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PostSubject: WAX ON - WAX OFF: Mr. Miyagi Dojo   Sat 24 Oct 2009, 23:24

Pick any of Sensei from the following 3:

http://wtfomgyoulose.mybrute.com - This Sensei will help you master the "Care Bear Kata* & will demonstrate using her beastly Bear named, "The Crane".

http://amazingjoey.mybrute.com - This Sensei will help you master the "Concentrate Kata" & will demonstrate the effectiveness of a good defensive stance named, "Fly-catching chopsticks"!

http://deadlydave01.mybrute.com - Last but not least, is Sensei Dave "The Deadly" Dave. He will help you master the "OMG what is..." .... yes... So fast it's never been finished! His favored stance is named, "Danielson Minute-boy". lol!

Become a pupil of either Dojo, leave your name and number, and we will deliver you a clone of your efforts, money back guarantee!!! *up to two levels at most*

Thank you.
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WAX ON - WAX OFF: Mr. Miyagi Dojo
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