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 Mack's International School of Brute(for .fr and .es brutes)

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Mack the Angel
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PostSubject: Mack's International School of Brute(for .fr and .es brutes)   Sun 22 Nov 2009, 13:03

I can pupil you for exp if you have a .fr or .es brute.

so please pupil http://devil-socks.mybrute.com and leave your brute address so that I can pupil you back!

hopefully this post actually stays open. certain mods(who shall remain nameless) keep saying i have to many threads open yet they have closed every single one of my threads for that same reason even though i have repeatedly explained their folly to them...most likely even if they ever do realize their error they will delete this thread in order to save the face of their unquestionable wisdom and judgement. I know I know :sleep: :sleep: :sleep:.

So, in this, my only open and most likely short lived thread i must implore ya'll to join Mack's International School of Brute. We have a strong and speedy pupil exchange program so as I said before please pupil the above brute and leave your brute link and I will respond shortly.

Welcome to the school in advance,

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Mack's International School of Brute(for .fr and .es brutes)   Sun 22 Nov 2009, 13:09

As said numerous times before ONE, UNO, EIN, UNE recruiting thread per person.


Eh... closed!
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Mack's International School of Brute(for .fr and .es brutes)
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