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 Clan for Pets

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PostSubject: Clan for Pets   Tue 12 Jan 2010, 16:10

Come join our clan which only takes pets
I have made all of these brutes with pets. Over 60 dogs

zzzman111.mybrute.com (wolf & 2 dogs)
eee308.mybrute.com (Wolf) master zzzman111
szx2a4.mybrute.com (bear) master zzzman111
iai309.mybrute.com/cellule (Wolf) master zzzman111
iai507.mybrute.com/cellule (Bear) master zzzman111
eie101.mybrute.com/cellue (Wolf) master zzzman111
ksz111.mybrute (Dog) iii302.mybrute.com/cellule (Wolf) master zzzman111

a2u2i2.mybrute.com (wolf & 2 dogs)
iai316.mybrute.com/cellule (Bear) master a2u2i2

149cz.mybrute.com (wolf & dog)
zk2389,mybrute.com (wolf & 1 dog)
zk707.mybrute.com (bear)
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Clan for Pets
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