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 Level 20 or better? Join Cherry Clan!

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Fartface McGee
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PostSubject: Level 20 or better? Join Cherry Clan!   Thu 21 Jan 2010, 16:11

I've got a bunch of brutes in my clan that are dead in the water (haven't gained any XP for 2+ weeks, some much longer than that) and I'd rather have those spots taken by people who are going to keep up with it for the most part.

We've got 49/50 just to keep the ranking as high as possible, but I've got room for about 20 new brutes. I'll kick out the lowest ranked unused brute each time there's a new applicant of equal or greater level. I've kept the dead brutes in the clan as placeholders until new people apply but I figured I'd advertise here since it's a pretty slow process to replace the dead weight with level 20+ brutes just by waiting for them to wander in.

If you've got a whole bunch of brutes you want to add all at once, send me a PM and I can clear out enough spots in advance for you.

Unfortunately, the clan forum doesn't work any longer, but we can always communicate here. I don't want to disband the clan because there were some nice people in it and I don't know how they'd ever find it again...

We're currently ranked #63 (1078/49).

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PostSubject: Re: Level 20 or better? Join Cherry Clan!   Sun 24 Jan 2010, 22:03

come on guys......

This is the leader that actually got me bruting last march....

Cool clan if you are looking for a mellow home
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Level 20 or better? Join Cherry Clan!
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