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 KadoKado: The only Motion-Twin game that awards tangible prizes for playing

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PostSubject: KadoKado: The only Motion-Twin game that awards tangible prizes for playing   Fri 19 Feb 2010, 04:43

I am selling my KadoKado account with all games, skins, and forum pass unlocked + VIP standing.

For those who are not familiar with KadoKado (www.kadokado.com), it is an online arcade which allows you to earn Amazon.com gift cards from playing games. It is the only Motion-Twin website that offers tangible rewards.

By playing one of 68 exclusive games, you earn Kado points, also known as Koins, in one of three ways:
- By attaining certain score targets determined by the site ("contracts")
- By attaining a certain rank on a game's leaderboard
- By joining a clan, participating in an inter-clan tournament and placing within the top 500 (quite easy)

The site gives you four free plays per day, and any additional game credits must be purchased. Without purchasing game credits, it takes about 2-3 months to earn enough points for an Amazon gift card.

KadoKado has 68 games in all, but new KadoKado accounts are limited to 18 games upon registration. Any additional games must be individually purchased through the site's gift store, a long and tedious process that will consume a lot of your points and cash. However, once you have purchased a game, you reserve the right to play it forever.

Over the course of the past year, I have purchased all of the games, bringing my total to 64 playable games.

I have also purchased additional game tokens through the site, so my account is a VIP Level 1. This distinction is permanent. VIP1 members earn double points on all contracts, and have access to detailed VIP-only statistics on their scores and improvement over time.

I know I will never get back all the time, money and effort I expended on this website, so I am not asking for a 100% return on my investment, or even half that. I just want to help someone who is interested in this wonderful site to get a head-start without all the associated headaches.

If you would like a head start to this wonderful online game rewards program, KadoKado, without having to spend months unlocking all the games and spending exorbitant sums of money to unlock the VIP privileges one by one, I am asking 25 Euros for my account. This price is negotiable and I welcome all serious offers. Please PM or email me (markus.eriksson8 at gmail) if you are interested or have an offer. (I no longer play MyBrute, so I will only accept cash. Thank you.)
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KadoKado: The only Motion-Twin game that awards tangible prizes for playing
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