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 muxxu group (clan) forum

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PostSubject: muxxu group (clan) forum   Mon 29 Mar 2010, 06:19

for those who haven't seen yet, there are better options for these forums compared to the original game. the creator has options for permissions to give to members of the clan (yay, mods! cheers )

Peut changer les options des membres Attention
Peut changer le Titre des membres
Peut accepter et refuser de nouveaux membres
Peut renvoyer des membres
Peut éditer les pages publiques
Peut éditer les pages privées
Peut rajouter des pages
Peut supprimer des pages
Peut supprimer des messages du forum
Peut modifier les options et le style du groupe
Peut modifier les options du groupe dans les jeux Muxxu


Can change the options members Caution
Can change the title of Member
And may refuse to accept new members
May refer members
Can edit public pages
Can edit pages private
Can add pages
Can delete pages
Can delete forum posts
Can change options and style group
Can change the options in the group games Muxxu


I tried making the creator of a clan leave, and this is the response I got:

Vous ne pouvez pas renvoyé le créateur du Groupe, il faudra qu'il transmette ou abandonne le groupe de lui-même.

You can not return the creator of the group, he must transmit or leaves the group itself.

and I got that message even though I was logged in as the creator, trying to take myself out of the clan Rolling Eyes

so, the only way to change the management of the clan is this:

Vous êtes le créateur de ce Groupe. Vous pouvez le transmettre à un autre membre du Groupe.

You are the creator of this group. You can send to another member of the Group.


I used cyan to imitate the blue of the link you will see on the transmit/send word, which will then take you to:


Si vous décidez de ne plus gérer le Groupe, vous pouvez le transférer a un autre membre de Groupe. ATTENTION ce tranfert est irréversible

If you decide not to manage the group, you can transfer it to another member of the Group. WARNING this transfer may be irreversible


at that point, you will see a list of clan members you can choose to take over the clan. it is no longer necessary to make all clan members leave just to change who controls a clan.

hope that info helps! cheers
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Posts : 692
Join date : 2009-08-13
Location : under a palm tree ┏ ( ・o・) ┛♪

PostSubject: Re: muxxu group (clan) forum   Mon 29 Mar 2010, 07:03

another aspect of the group forum would be messages. unless someone sees a way to change it, the group forum is in the same format as the open forum. all messages are posted in order, and no specific threads can be created... Rolling Eyes
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muxxu group (clan) forum
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