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 Survie or +3 Agilite?

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PostSubject: Re: Survie or +3 Agilite?   Fri 21 May 2010, 13:21

Teethymo wrote:
Okay, you guys pretty much agreed loud and clear -- Survie it is, and that's what I took. Didn't help me against' RicaRica's flail, though.

i didnt saw this Thread untill now, and i would have had a little advice for you, which is too late now, but everyone can think about it for the future.
in all my 3 Main brutes (Richter thumper) i had the same Destiny for 3 times with RicaRica and RicoRico , and 2 times for ricotamanora. And i noticed it is very important in case you want to keep their Destiny for a long Time (maybe BL) that you discover every little unworthy Path in this Destiny so you can in later rank BL decide which to take because it is not reversable.

My path for RicaRica and Ricotamanora is great till lvl7 but after that they have nothing against Pets, so i had to make a very bad choices (like Extra thick Skin....) starting from lvl8 hoping to find a better path for later)
so what you did by choosing Survival was actualy very important, the important part was knowing what comes after it in your path. and by taking this path and discovering that it was not a good choice, you won the knowledge :study: Very Happy that you wont have to take it again cheers

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PostSubject: Re: Survie or +3 Agilite?   Fri 21 May 2010, 15:47

puppywhirl wrote:

There's a guide around here somewhere if you don't figure out how to make an account yourself.

Thanx for the info on the guide.

I did manage to make some kind of account there a few days ago but, I couldn't figure out how to navigate the site well enough to create a brute so, I just decided "Heck with it." and gave up.
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PostSubject: Re: Survie or +3 Agilite?   Fri 21 May 2010, 15:53

NixxxoN wrote:
HongKongFui wrote:
bullshit omg

of course it's not THE superskill that lets you win each and every match (that skill doesn'T exist), but it saves your ass often... even without potion!!!!!

Without potion it saves your ass often... just before losing in the next hit.

again bullshit.. when I say saves your ass, I mean you win the fight after being secured by survie...

but no problem, you still have to learn a lot Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Survie or +3 Agilite?   Fri 28 May 2010, 11:30

if it wasn't for survie, I would have lost my final round today: http://labrute.muxxu.com/fight/29929829?chk=7994
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PostSubject: Re: Survie or +3 Agilite?   Tue 01 Jun 2010, 13:43

Some updates to this thread because I've now got to level 15 Poing, after choosing the path of agility rather than survie this time.

After +3 Agility, my next pick was Glaive or +3 Rapidite. I chose the Rapidite.

Next level, my choise was between Baton or +3 Rapidite. I chose the Rapidite again.

So now having reached the same level as before, my brute looks identical, except that instead of speed 4 and Survival skill, I've got speed 7. Whoopee! Razz I think that unless there's something amazing waiting for me at level 16 (should I be forced to stay in this rank that long) I will take the other path. Survival isn't a terrific skill, but it's definitely better than +3 speed points which is what it amounts to.
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PostSubject: Re: Survie or +3 Agilite?   

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Survie or +3 Agilite?
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