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 PLS READ! Only post here if you have backup! Also with posting suggestions

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PostSubject: PLS READ! Only post here if you have backup! Also with posting suggestions   Thu 30 Apr 2009, 13:46

Please make sure you have presented a copy of fight replay before you open a thread here!
We accepts fight replays with copies only!

We also have some posting recommendations for you. Copied from:
http://mybrute.forumotion.com/temporary-replays-f14/pleas-read-before-you-post-we-have-suggestions-for-you-t881.htm (you may come over there to discuss)

Suggested Format
To make the thread more informative, please try to post some basic information about the fight replay. It's useful especially if you don't back up your replays. Replays go dead eventually so we can still imagine the fight scene by reading the text.

Here's the suggested format:


[b]Original Link[/b]:
[b]Combatants[/b]: XX (Level xx ) vs YY (Level xx )
[b]Backup Video[/b]


Original Link: http://jermintordayo.mybrute.com/fight/105494848
Combatants: jermintordayo (Level 6 ) vs Mfreitas69 (Level 6 )
Description: Throughout the fights you will realize the power of fierce brute

They are only the basic form. You may alter or add more information as you please.

If the thread lacks information or good presentation, moderators may edit your post to provide more information.

How to embed video into a thread
This is the code:
[flash(x,y)] (video link) [/flash]
x = width of the video frame
y = height of the video frame

This is the example:
Note: Don't embed too many flash in one page because some people have slow Internet connection. You may consider opening another new thread if you have too many fight replays to show.

That's it!

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Tutorial: How to Record and Upload your Brutes' fights!

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PLS READ! Only post here if you have backup! Also with posting suggestions
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