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 Simple MMORPG called Tibia

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PostSubject: Simple MMORPG called Tibia   Simple MMORPG called Tibia Icon_minitimeFri 11 Mar 2011, 20:44

Tibia is a free MMORPG with simple 2D graphics and even more simple gameplay!
What I love about Tibia is simplicyty. I mean, there's no "skill points" to distribute at your will. Your skills and other stuff improve as you play!
For example, as you fight with sword, you improve your sword fighting skill etc.! Even learning spells happens through NPC-teachers!
Maybe not as simple as Mybrute, but you got no direct control of your statistics Rolling Eyes
Be aware of really low-quality graphics inside!:
Threre are 4 vocations to choose from(in fact, it's the only direct choice in game!):
Knight: hand-to-hand combat
Sorcerer: offensive magic
Paladin: distance combat (it's like between knight and sorcerer)
Druid: healer, not a good fighter but always needed in team

It has also a PvP system. It involves wars between guilds(clans) but also everyday gameplay. As you commit an "unjustified kill" you'll get marked and can be attacked with no consequences in time depending on ammount of unjustified kills in last few days.

Unfortunately, it's not 100% free. Buying premium account for real money makes game much easier.

And something for Mybrute bots programmers: bots are even more common in Tibia than in Mybrute! There's even an open-source bot (Tibia Auto)!

Official webpage:

I play on world Hiberna. See you in-game!
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PostSubject: Re: Simple MMORPG called Tibia   Simple MMORPG called Tibia Icon_minitimeThu 17 Mar 2011, 16:34

a947974 wrote:
See you in-game!

I don't think so... but thanks for showing us :)
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Simple MMORPG called Tibia
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