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 Error with Graphics card?

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Error with Graphics card? Empty
PostSubject: Error with Graphics card?   Error with Graphics card? Icon_minitimeMon 21 Jan 2013, 23:06

So I got this laptop with a 1 GB custom graphics card

When I play new games ( fifa, call of duty bla bla )
It just shows a black screen, crashes and gives me this error

display driver intel graphics accelerator drivers for windows XP(R) stopped responding and has sucessfully recovered

I searched around and found I have to update my graphics card, well downloaded most graphics drivers but the laptop didnt accept it because this graphics card is custom.. and when I use the check for updates on the driver it says no updates available

Any Idea how to fix this? help is muchly appreciated

Thank you !
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Error with Graphics card? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Error with Graphics card?   Error with Graphics card? Icon_minitimeThu 24 Jan 2013, 21:39

Intel integrated graphics if you have not you used to play gently, will be playable but with failure and mistakes,
never buy a laptop intel if you plan to use to play;).

Now if intel (processor) but has Nvidia or AMD-radeon this is the best to play only updates your drivers as often come usually generics, and graphics chipset sees you and go to the page of AMD or nvidia to find the best driver for your laptop, never use the generic Windows drivers as well as those that come in the installation disks, usually vesiones old buggy.

@#$% google traductor, I can not express it properly.
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Error with Graphics card?
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