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 Reunion info here ...

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PostSubject: Reunion info here ...   Reunion info here ... Icon_minitimeFri 18 Dec 2015, 21:25


So. I have been hit by a fit of nostalgia.

And started entering brutes into the tourney again.

Even doing fights!

But it would be FANTASTIC to see anyone from the good old days again. If you are still in touch with someone, send them here .... show them this. What I want to do, is try and get as many people together again as possible. Re-activate some of the big guys who have been inactive for soooooo long. Get some tourneys with good competition going again.

Even if just for a little while ...... or even ONCE!

I have a date for this. PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR!

The 16th of August 2016. (which will be exactly 7 years since diddy351 got me my first ever tourney win - at level 152 if you're wondering)

Lets see how many people we can get on board by then. Locking this but opening a "Say hi!" thread below ....

(I'm even going to open it up to guests! You never know ....)


(link to the chat thread if you clicked in from elsewhere ... HERE)

Reunion info here ... M8mrea
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Reunion info here ...
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