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 MyBrute Team needs to fix their game

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MyBrute Team needs to fix their game Empty
PostSubject: MyBrute Team needs to fix their game   MyBrute Team needs to fix their game Icon_minitimeThu 08 Jun 2017, 12:27

I have an idea to improve the game. Please vote my post to propose MyBrute Team fix their game!view/30471|thread/58754147

Quote :
Hi there,
I am a player of MyBrute for 8 years now. As many other players I think there is an unreasonable point in tournament system of the Muxxu version. The winners of the tournament won't be able to join in another tournament unless they reset to level 1 and start all over again. This is unfair, making their game boring and their training slow down! On the other hand, if they can join in another tournament with the weaker brutes then the weak brutes will find it more difficult to rank up or to choose a new destiny.
So I have a solution for this issue: The tournament winners will have an option to stay at their rank without losing their XP, on the contrary receive XP from their wins. From now on, they can join in a tournament as usual but all members of that tournament must be the one who ever win the tournament of this rank. This is for assurance of justice for the weaker brutes who haven't win a tournament of this rank. In conclusion, winners with winners, losers with losers.
Thank you for reading my long post. Looking forward to your reply Wink

Thanks for reading
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MyBrute Team needs to fix their game
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