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 Bad Brutes 4 Life

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Bad Brutes 4 Life
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Bad Brutes 4 Life

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PostSubject: Bad Brutes 4 Life   Bad Brutes 4 Life Icon_minitimeSun 31 May 2009, 15:52

Good day one and all may your weapons be sharpe and powerful.

I am the clan leader ziznoid from the rapidly rising clan Bad Brutes 4 Life.

I am on our Clans forum everyday. Even do Desktop wallpapers of our best brutes.
Plus an updating attack list.Clan ranking.And level up congratulations.

Bad Brutes 4 Life Clan link

I have anumber of my Brutes filling up positions.And will happily expell them if you wish to join if you are a level 8 Brute or higher. I would like members who will be active in the Clan forum to.As only a few are,and its like shouting into an empty cave every day.hehe.

Our clan is all about having fun and making you feel good. Most places charge money for that sort of thing.
I have one space empty for a friend who is joining next week.But if you want in,just click the join link on the Clan link above.And I will get as many of you in as I can.

Below you can see us ranked at 536.Which isn't bad considering we were ranked 935 6 days ago.

Clan rank link

526 A Mighty Fortress super KARLOS 352 44
527 Freewar DimiFW 352 44
528 C.A.E. Clan Acid_Boy 352 45
529 Přátelé žehu Mamella me Muehlegg 352 46
530 WorldDomination supergalileo 352 46
531 TuxClan jagorn 352 48
532 AerinShield ArztX 352 49
533 Brutes from Hell Supergirl76 352 50
534 ∂ємσвαѕє ѕqυα∂ creraR 351 46
535 Paranista Balc 351 48
536 Bad Brutes 4 Life ziznoid 351 49
537 Carrion Fields Berak88 351 49
538 DogZ Satanikus 350 38
539 Block 7 Brutes markyut 350 40
540 Playboys Wicked Wrath 350 43
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Bad Brutes 4 Life
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