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 Funny quotes

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PostSubject: Funny quotes   Funny quotes Icon_minitimeSun 13 Sep 2009, 07:53

I was bored, so decided to watch old videos and quote them.
Here's one:
"Hello, you've reached Arnold's pizza shop. I'm not here now, I'm out killing pepperoni. If you want to reach me, or you want a pizza, i don't care cause' I'm not here. Can't you realise that, idiot?! But if you want a pizza during the next few days, i could have it delivered to you, or maybe i will staple it to you. I don't care what you want on it, every pizza comes with pepperoni and with 9mm bullets on it. If you don't like it it, I don't care cause' you'll receive one anyhow. The only difference is, maybe the 9mm bullets will be in the gun or maybe they'll be on your pizza. If you don't f*** around, I'll give you good pizza... If you do f*** around, I'll take the pepperoni and punch it through your head. So if you want mushrooms, shut up. If you want broccoli, what the hell is broccoli anyway? Shut up with the broccoli. If you want something crazy like pineapple, i'll kill you. If you like pepperoni and bullets, you've come to the right place. If not your an idiot, you deserve to die. So leave your name, number, serial number... how poor you are, whether you're suseptibal to any diseases. And if you are... I'll come over... maybe i'll give you a pizza, maybe i'll break off your arm. "

Your turn.
Quote anything from movies, YTP (Youtube poops), games... w/e
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Funny quotes
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