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 Have the iTunes version? Post your master codes here!

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PostSubject: Have the iTunes version? Post your master codes here!   Sat 31 Jul 2010, 22:24

I have figured since this website has more of the pc version users than the itune version users that I would make a thread for the itune users to come and check out the Dojo that they want to join instead of searching the long list of threads.

My Dojo is called the Dig Dug Dojo
Dig Dug is a tough brute and you will be too because this dojo trains in the art of Bear Skin.
Bear Skin makes your brute tougher and take less damage from blows so you can focus more on attacking and less on defending.
Use the code JFHFFCGE when it asks if you have a master and you will unlock

- Double Exp for 3 days
- A New Dojo
- All your brutes will become stronger with Bear Skin
- And I will help you with anything like questions or tips

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Have the iTunes version? Post your master codes here!
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